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Intel LGA1366 heatsinks in the labs at FrostyTech

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Posted August 17, 2008 by admin in Cooling

The first Intel socket LGA1366 heatsinks have landed in the Frostytech labs from a well known heatsink company whose name we can’t mention… so this is an open call for all heatsink manufacturers to submit their socket 1366 heatsinks ASAP. Contact Frostytech today.

When Intel’s upcoming Nehalem processors roll out the door later this year, a new generation of socket 1366 motherboards will require compatible heatsinks. At that time Frostytech expects to have a full collection of reviews of high performance LGA1366 compatible heatsinks for you to rely on. What’s the best socket 1366 heatsink? Keep a close eye on Frostytech for the answer…

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