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id Software details Doom 4 features, gameplay

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Posted August 2, 2008 by admin in Gaming

Carmack explained that he found some of the complaints of Doom 3’s brand of horror to be “completely valid,” saying that the “contrived nature of monsters hiding in a closet” and the extreme darkness were two things that caused the company to cancel its game Darkness and begin production of Rage…

“It’s not that you’re running around frightened down to your last bullet [in Doom 4],” added Carmack. “There will occasionally be that, but it should be much more of you winning, because that was always the point in Doom–you are the hero, and you are winning. You’re going to beat back all the hordes of Hell using all the tools at your disposal.”

Development of Doom 4 will be short, as very little of the id Tech 5 engine will be changed in the transition from Rage. The game will feature at least one “graphical hook,” and should have three times the graphical fidelity of Rage due to a lower target framerate.

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