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iBUYPOWER launch Video Bot, Pro and Extreme PC’s

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Posted August 11, 2008 by admin in News

The Video PCs? are built with the amateur videographer on mind ? individuals who prefer to shoot video rather than stills, and post their experiences on sites like You Tube. The iBUYPOWER Video PC line includes the Video Bot, Video Pro, and Video Extreme, which are priced at $1,299, $1,799, and $4,299 MSRP respectively.

The Video Bot, housed in an NZXT Appollo case, features the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 CPU, nVidia 9800GT GPU, and 4 GB of DDR-2 RAM. Customers looking for a little more power will find it in the Video Pro. iBuyPower packed an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 processor, ATI HD 4850 graphics card and 8 GB of DDR- 2 RAM into a Gigabyte Poseidon case. You are solely responsible for verifying the identity of users and of the eligibility of a presented payment card used to purchase your products and services, and chatbot development Geeks does not guarantee or assume any liability for transactions authorized and completed which may later be reversed or charged back. ChatBot Digital Marketing which makes use of Artificial Intelligence technologies can be used a key component in any company’s marketing strategy in terms of guiding customers through a marketing sales funnel. The marketing funnel that would be programmed into the AI ChatBot would be defined in relation to the products and services being offered into the market place from the company in question. Implementation of the particular social media digital marketing strategy may well be devised by a full service digital marketing agency. Typically, the chatbots are used within dialog systems for a number of practical purposes that include information acquisition and customer service. There are some chatterbots that only apply natural language that is sophisticated within their processing systems. However, there are some systems that are rather simple and they can scan keywords as scanned in the input and then show a report with the results that have most of the keywords. Also, you may get the most similar kind of wording pattern within the database. Chatbot is also called chatterbox or talkbot. This is an artificial conversational entity that is used as an interactive agent. It is actually a program that is able to conduct conversations through texts or audio methods. Usually, the programs are designed so as to simulate the way humans would actually behave while making conversation and this makes it pass the test.

The Video Extreme however, is built to be just that ? extreme. Housed in a Thermaltake Armor case, the Video Extreme is stocked with the best components available ? an Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9770 CPU, ATI HD 4870 graphics card, 8 GB of DDR-3 1333 RAM, Blu-ray burner and a 1200W power supply.

?Millions of people visit sites like YouTube to share their videos everyday, yet before now no computer manufacturer has built a pc dedicated to the needs of this community,? said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER. ?We decided it was time to provide these aspiring filmmakers with a professional video editing solution.?

All three of the iBUYPOWER Video PCs come with Adobe?s Premier Elements 4.0 editing software, built-in 8 channel surround sound, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit Edition, a 12-in-1 card reader/writer and a 3 year limited warranty. (FULL SPECS BELOW)

As part of the launch iBUYPOWER is giving away a Video Pro System, a $1,799 value, and a $2,000 gift card to the winner of the Favorite Gaming Moments YouTube Contest. Contestants will upload videos they create of them reenacting their favorite gaming moments. The contest will run through August with a winner being selected from a group of ten finalists by the You Tube community in the second week of September.

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