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Guru3D reviews PowerColor’s HD 4850 2GB

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Posted August 2, 2008 by admin in News

Overclocking wise again we go into two directions. The core frequency of the GPU we could push upwards pretty easily. Combined with the cooling solution at hand, and the handsome 3rd party overclocking software like Rivatuner, the sky is the limit. However it is the memory that is a limiting factor. We could barely overclock it at all. And if anything, the 4850 can very much need extra framebuffer bandwidth.

So overall this product is performing roughly equal to the reference Radeon HD 4850. The big gain you’ll get from the product is actually it’s cooling. The included zeroTHERM cooler slapped on top of that GPU really does it’s job nicely. Where the reference products scare me a little with the high peak temperatures the idle and load temperatures of this product are just extremely nice.

Quadrupling the memory size towards 2 GB luckily didn’t mean quadrupling the price, though at roughly 249 USD / 169 EUR it is a couple of tenners more expensive than the regular product yet also close to the HD 4870. Overall we certainly can recommend the PowerColor 4850 2GB, yet place a big question marker on the fact whether you ever use the on-board 2 GB framebuffer.

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