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Developers enable DVD support on Nintendo’s Wii

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Posted August 14, 2008 by admin in Consoles

We hope you enjoy the wonderful world of homebrew software. Since this post is primarily about the DVD player in particular, and assumes that you are at least familiar with the usage of homebrew software on the Wii, we would appreciate it if you avoid asking general questions like ?How do I run this on my Wii?? in the comments – replying to these questions is very hard and clutters up the already long comment list. Instead, you?ll find lots of information at Wiibrew.

Short version: You will normally use The Homebrew Channel to boot Wii Homebrew. Modchip users with firmware version under 3.2 can just download the installer ISO and boot it. Users of firmware 3.3 or without a modchip will need a (legit) copy of Twilight Princess and a special hacked savegame that will let you boot the Homebrew Channel installer from your SD card. More detailed guide here. Thanks, and enjoy!

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