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An insight to the Nvidia chipset spin-off saga

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Posted August 4, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

We wanted to deliver an insider prospective as to why NVIDIA is quitting its chipset business. NVIDIA is denying rumors of closing up its chipset business and sending its chipset designer and engineer staff to the GPGPU team to speed and ramp up development in that area.

After a nightmare product in the nForce 680i, Jen-Hsun Huang (CEO and co-founder of NVIDIA) contacted motherboard manufacturers recently and straight out asked if they thought NVIDIA should continue producing chipsets. Our sources told us that no motherboard company responded positively and seemed not phased one bit to be dropping NVIDIA based products from their motherboard lineups.

nForce 680i was plagued by a range of problems such as hard drive corruption and inability to fully and / or properly support 1333MHz FSB processors on some motherboards ? even after bucket full?s of BIOS updates and tweaks, it wasn?t perfect. One Taiwanese motherboard company who shall remain unnamed also went to such extends to say that NVIDIA can be ?a childish company? to work at times with lack of proper support for fixing board issues.

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