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AMD to challenge Nvidia on the driver front, too

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Posted August 5, 2008 by admin in News

Now then, if information presented by HARDSPELL is accurate, AMD is also gearing up to unveil some surprises with the August release of its Catalyst 8.8 package.

Users can rejoice at claims of much improved CrossFireX performance, whilst PowerPlay 2.0 implementation does much to also pique interest.

Yet, it won’t be only the much anticipated HD 4870 X2 which nets gains. It is cited, as an example, that 3D Mark Vantage results will receive credit interest of some 12% when utilising HD 4850 solutions in CrossFireX configuration.

PowerPlay 2.0 will also, it is claimed, make further inroads on reducing power consumption and heat output. TDP figures for HD 4850 solutions in CrossFireX configuration, are believed to receive a pleasant reduction from 211 W to 174 W at idle. Users will likely appreciate the associated temperature benefits too.

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