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45nm Phenoms on schedule, mid-range GPU’s dated

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Posted August 5, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Fancy placing some guesses now? If the HD 3670 has 120 stream processors, will the HD4670* (a naming guess at this stage) have 240? 320? – a rebranded HD 3850? Will it be manufactured on the 55nm node like the rest?

It has been speculated elsewhere that both cards will feature 512MB or 1GB of graphics buffer memory – AMD made no apologies for this (wastefulness) today as it claimed it was a very common tactic to lure the uneducated public into buying your product because of this simple equation: more = better. Partners will be free to do what they like from the get-go so expect all sorts of clock speeds, memory quantities and cooling solutions across the field.

We also asked about how AMD was going to compete with Nehalem, and in true PR fashion the AMD guys were pumping it up because “[it] will have the leading multi-GPU platform at the time of launch thanks to Intel’s X58 chipset supporting CrossFireX”. That’s not to say Nvidia might have something else up its sleeve by then because it also has an X58+NF200 SLI solution too.

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