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Archive for October 15th, 2021

Lian Li announce EX-H34 HDD rack, BS-08 fan

Lian Li is proud to announce the addition of two new products - the EX-H34 HDD rack mount and the BS-08 fan, showcasing Lian Li's usual attention to detail.

Lian Li’s alternative Xbox 360 chassis reviewed

Our colleagues over at Bit-tech have teased us with a sneak peak of Lian Li's XB01 alternative Xbox 360 chassis. "The Xbox is finally, truly silent. It's incredible".

Ars Technica has a run through Battlefield Heroes

There's plenty to look forward to in EA's upcoming Battlefield Heroes, discovered Ars Technica, who were provided with a beta key. Did I mention the game's free?

More evidence mounts over Xbox 360 price cuts

If you're after reassurance that all 3 Xbox 360 SKU's will be subject to price cuts on September 7th, then a new BestBuy catalog should provide some comfort.

80 GB PlayStation 3 features 65nm GPU, it seems

Evidence has emerged which suggests that the newly launched 80 GB PS3 features the smaller 65nm RSX GPU - a feature which Sony is yet to confirm.

Jen-Hsun Huang’s keynote at Nvision detailed

With Nvision '08 now underway, DailyTech have the low-down on CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's keynote, which touched upon Folding and the history of the GPU.

Creative roll-out N400 USB speaker system

Creative has released a speaker system which offers the best of both worlds ? high-quality audio and portability. The N400 USB speakers can be seen here.

Psystar is counter-suing Apple – the war continues

It seems that Psystar is counter-suing Apple for anti-trust, and will ask the court to declare the Leopard EULA void. This follows Psystar's hiring of new lawyers.

AMD preparing four greener Phenom processors

AMD has a few more 65nm CPU's up its sleeve, according to TechConnect. A Phenom X4 9950 BE with a reduced power consumption of 125W is included.

NZXT unveil Whisper high performing gaming chassis

NZXT has unveiled the Whisper, a gaming chassis designed for the enthusiast who isn?t willing to sacrifice silence for performance. Details below...

AMD’s Core i7 killer detailed, arriving Q4

If you're a little unsure of how AMD will counter Intel's Core i7 processors, then NordicHardware have an article which should be considered crucial reading.

Nvidia unleash GeForce 9400 GT for $59

As hinted in yesterday's "Week in Review", Nvidia has officially rolled-out its low-end 9400 GT, which "more than doubles the performance" of the 8400 GS for $59.

The next generation in iPods is near, apparently

A new generation of iPods are on the way, or so suggests Digg founder Kevin Rose, who believes Apple will announce the new additions on September 9th.

Low-power Phenom X2 GE series spotted

Our eagle-eyed friends over at The Tech Report have spotted signs of AMD's low-power dual-core Phenom lineup, namely the X2 GE-6600, GE-6500 and GE-6400.

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