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Archive for October 15th, 2021

Super Talent unleash Pico D USB flash drive

Super Talent Technology today announced the addition of a stylish new swivel model to its ultra-petite PICO USB drive series, dubbed Pico D. Details below.

CoolIT unleash Dual Drive Bay HD 4870 X2 cooler

CoolIT Systems, the leading innovator in liquid cooling technology, today announced the addition of the Dual Drive Bay Cooler for AMD's HD 4870 X2 graphics card.

Lian Li roll-out alternative Xbox 360 chassis

Lian Li has today introduced an alternative Xbox 360 chassis, which alleviates heating issues from hot components and reduces noise from vibrating optical drives.

Microsoft to spill the beans on Windows 7 soon

Microsoft is set to reveal "in-depth technical information about Windows 7" at two upcoming press conferences (the first of which being on October 27th).

MacBook Air making the switch to 45nm, apparently

Apple's MacBook Air will soon make the switch to a 45nm Penryn processor, according to CNet. Battery life will be slightly impacted though, noted the source.

Intel drops Centrino prefix in Atom branding

Intel's Atom seems to be doing so well that it will no longer be marketed under the "Centrino Atom" branding. Instead, the abbreviated name "Atom" will fend for itself.

Logitech to acquire earphone maker Ultimate Ears

Logitech has announced plans to acquire earphone maker Ultimate Ears for $34 million. Currently, the computer peripheral giant only makes over-the-ear headsets.

Nvidia’s PhysX is quite CPU demanding, tests show

The folks over at Fudzilla have discovered that Nvidia's GPU PhysX relies more on the CPU than one would expect - a lot more than a dedicated PPU does, anyway.

Nvidia eagerly launch beta OpenGL 3.0 drivers

Nvidia has eagerly rolled-out its beta drivers for OpenGL 3.0, which was announced just two days ago by the Khronos Group. The drivers are aimed at developers.

Intel roll-out second generation Turbo Memory

Following a healthy amount of criticism for its first concept, Intel has now unleashed a new version of Turbo Memory, which endeavors to improve Vista's performance.

VIA to unleash small Mobile ITX form factor next year

VIA has announced plans to launch a new form factor in the first quarter of next year. Dubbed Mobile-ITX, the form's size will be only half that of Pico-ITX.

AMD to bundle “Blizzard?s best games” with GPU’s

AMD and Blizzard have announced a deal in which the former will "bundle Blizzard?s best games" throughout its Radeon lineup. A BlizzCon sponsorship is also noted.

Nvidia demonstrates GPU ray-tracing at Siggraph

Nvidia is taking a step into Intel territory, showing off a ray-traced Bugatti Veyron. The excitement here comes from the fact that the ray-tracing was done on the GPU.

July console sales fall, Wii remains victorious

According to figures by market research firm NPD, Nintendo's Wii once again outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 by a 2:1 ratio. This comes despite overall sales drops, though.

OCZ up the ante with Core V2 solid-state drive series

Following the launch of its Core series solid-state drives six weeks ago, OCZ has now taken things one step further with the addition of the faster Core V2 series.

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