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Archive for March 4th, 2021

AMD’s 45nm Deneb tested, halves power consumption

An early evaluation of AMD's upcoming 45nm Deneb quad-core processor reveals that among performance gains, the chip's power consumption has almost halved.

VIA announce plans to leave the chipset business

VIA will soon make a departure from the chipset business, shifting its focus onto x86 CPU's and integrated motherboards, explained vice president Richard Brown.

Intel’s E8600 overclocked to 6.70GHz with LN2

Intel's E8600 has already had its fair share of fame, breaking the SuperPi record on numerous occasions. Today, it's been overclocked to a staggering 6.70GHz.

Far Cry 2 requirements revealed, not demanding

The folks over at Shacknews have published the system requirements for Far Cry 2, and it seems that the upcoming title will treat mainstream PC's kindly.

AMD reclaims performance crown with HD 4870 X2

After much anticipation, AMD has unleashed its HD 4870 X2, which will replace the GTX 280 in being the fastest graphics card on earth. Coverage below.

Intel confirm Core i7 branding for Nehalem chips

Intel has confirmed that its upcoming Nehalem processors will be marketed under the Core i7 branding. This comes just days after initial rumors surfaced.

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