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Archive for October 15th, 2021

Blue Screen of Death projected at the Olympics

Bloggers around the world have observed that a Blue Screen of Death was projected onto the roof of the National Stadium during the Beijing opening ceremony.

AMD demonstrate Cinema 2.0 technology, again

While this isn't the first time we've heard of AMD's Cinema 2.0 tech, the latest demonstration from AMD touches upon new ground. Joystiq has the details.

Diablo 3’s Art Director resigns from Blizzard

Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo 3's Art Director has resigned from the company. This will, however, not affect the game's development, stressed a spokesman.

Asetek launch first liquid cooled Radeon HD 4870 X2

Asetek has eagerly launched the first liquid-cooled HD 4870 X2, satisfying the needs of overclockers worldwide. The single-slot solution is detailed here.

FluidMark released, more PhysX benchmarks to follow

Now that Nvidia's PhysX driver is out and about, developers over at oZone3D have unleashed the first version FluidMark - a benchmark aimed to test PhysX.

Samsung helping Microsoft improve SSD’s on Vista

It seems that Samsung are working with Microsoft to improve SSD performance in Vista. This follows claims by Sandisk that the OS is unfit to handle SSD's.

Nvidia’s desktop parts are faulty as well, says Inquirer

A report which originated over at The Inquirer leads us to believe that all G84, G86, G92 and G94 chips are faulty like their mobile counterparts... apparently.

Nvidia officially introduce PhysX support on GeForce

Nvidia has officially enabled PhysX support on all GeForce 8-series cards and higher, through the company's first PowerPack. Plenty of free demos are included.

Intel slash Q9550 pricing, launch four new processors

Intel has slashed the price of its Q9550 from $530 to $316. Additionally, the E7300, E8600, Q9400 and Q9650 have arrived ranging in price from $133 to $576.

GPU-Z version 0.2.7 is now up for grabs

A new version of GPU-Z is now available at TechPowerUp. Version 0.2.7, which can be downloaded here, adds support for the 9800 GT and HD 4870 X2.

Alienware equip three desktops with HD 4870 X2

Alienware has added the newly launched HD 4870 X2 as an option in its Area-51, Area-51 ALX and Aurora desktops. High-end gamers should look no further.

Dell’s Latitude E-series laptops set out to impress

Dell has rolled-out another lineup of laptops, alias the Latitude E-series, which will occupy the Portable, Mainstream, Essential and Semi-Rugged markets.

Nvidia record poor revenue, $120 million net loss

The success of the Radeon HD 4800-series seems to be having an affect on Nvidia, who have just posted a $120 million net loss for the second quarter.

OpenGL 3.0 specification released, details noted

The OpenGL 3.0 specification has today been released by the Khronos Group. As detailed below, the many additions include 32-bit floating-point textures.

Intel to update Q9550’s stepping late next week

With the next-generation Core i7 CPU's looming, Intel will update the Q9550's stepping to version E-0 come the 22nd of August. Changes are listed below.

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