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Archive for October 15th, 2021

MSI release three 790GX equipped motherboards

Following the launch of AMD's 790GX, MSI has rolled-out no less than 3 motherboards based on the chipset - the DKA790GX Platinum, DKA790GX and KA790GX.

Thermaltake Spedo chassis previewed, showcased

Thermaltake has uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing its upcoming Spedo computer chassis. The footage, which can be accessed here, runs for 4:40 min.

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 hits RTM status

Microsoft has announced the release to manufacturing of its SQL Server 2008 data management and business intelligence platform. Those interested can head here.

Intel to market Nehalem as “Core i7”, apparently

Intel will market its upcoming Nehalem processors under the "Core i7" series, suggests Expreview. While nothing's set in stone, possible logos are pictured.

Asus launch three-way SLI supporting 9800 GT

Asus has gone against the crowd with the launch of a three-way SLI supporting 9800 GT. The board’s two golden teeth aside, pricing and availability is unknown.

Asus launch Eee Storage, Download services

Asus has now launched an online file storage service (offering 20GB of space) which is creatively named Eee Storage. An Eee Download service is also being trialed.

Mozilla to release Firefox 3.1 beta on August 19th

Mozilla will release the beta version of Firefox 3.1 on August 19th, according to ZDNet. The site stress, however, that this date remains flexible and is an "estimate".

Sparkle roll-out Calibre Fly graphics card cooler

The latest concept to roll-out the doors of Sparkle comes in the form of the Calibre Fly Cooling System, or VDT200 for short. The dual-fan GPU cooler is detailed here.

Nvidia announce celebrity attendances at Nvision

Nvidia's upcoming Nvision 2008 has already been touted as the new E3, and it looks as if Nvidia wants to secure this title by booking a handful of celebrities.

OCZ release 8GB and 16GB memory for Intel’s P45

OCZ has unleashed a healthy amount of 8GB and 16GB DDR2 memory, which are "optimized" for use on Intel's P45 chipset. 800MHz speeds are among the specs.

AMD unleash FirePro professional graphics cards

AMD has rolled-out a second line of graphics cards for computer aided design users. Dubbed the FirePro series, the $599 V5700 and $99 V3700 are the first to arrive.

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