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Archive for October 15th, 2021

CNN.com subject to malware email outbreak

Security experts have warned that emails entitled "CNN.com Daily Top 10" could lead you to malware. If you're being targetted (like me), be sure to ignore such emails.

Nvidia’s beta PhysX driver leaked prematurely

With launch taking place later this month, a beta release of Nvidia's full PhysX driver has been leaked. GT200, G92 and G96 based cards are on the support list.

Pioneer announce plans for 500GB optical disc

Early last month, Pioneer revealed that it had developed a 400GB Blu-ray disc. Today, it's gone one step further in announcing plans of a 20-layer 500GB version.

BFG now offering European GTX 200 rebates

Following the closure of the North American rebate program, BFG is now offering up to $120 cashback for early GTX 260 and 280 adopters situated in Europe.

Intel to launch next-gen mobile platform in Q3, 2009

Intel will launch its next-generation mobile platform in Q3 2009, according to DigiTimes. Codenamed "Calpella", an on board memory controller is on the agenda.

Intel’s E8600 breaks SuperPi 1MB record, again

The anticipation behind Intel's E8600 CPU has now increased, as it has once again busted the SuperPi 1MB record. Clocked at 6,376MHz, 7.140 seconds was achieved.

AMD unleash 790GX chipset, SB750 southbridge

AMD has rolled-out its 790GX chipset, which is essentially a 780G with its HD 3300 graphics processor clocked 200MHz higher. Coverage listed below.

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