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Archive for October 15th, 2021

Guru3D reviews PowerColor’s HD 4850 2GB

Guru3D has taken a look at PowerColor's HD 4850 with 2GB of memory. As ambitious as this may be, the extra memory isn't justifiable on a mid-range solution.

Asus preparing $700-900 Eee PC’s for September

The term "low-cost" won't be associated with the Eee PC lineup shortly, as two new categories are on the way (Ultimate and Pro Fashion) which will cost between $700-900.

FIFA 09 kicks off on October 3rd in the UK

Trade magazine MCV has revealed that FIFA 09 will be released to UK residents on October 3rd. Over 250 improvements have been made, including a 20-player online mode.

id Software details Doom 4 features, gameplay

id Software's John Carmack revealed that Doom 4 will be based more on Doom 2 rather than 3. He added that the games multiplayer mode will have a "much larger presence".

ForceWare 180-series is Nvidia’s next Big Bang

Nvidia's upcoming ForceWare 180 driver release is the company's next "Big bang". Perhaps the biggest addition is the use of secondary GPU's as dedicated PhysX processors.

Windows Mobile sales fall short of expectations

Microsoft has admitted overestimating its Windows Mobile shipments for the full 2008 fiscal year. 18 million licenses were sold, some 2 million short of initial expectations.

Thermaltake launch the RamOrb memory cooler

Thermaltake has added the missing piece of the puzzle to its DuOrb lineup, alias the RamOrb. Weighing in at 136 grams, the fan spins at 4500 RPM, generating 20 dBA.

Faulty mobile systems from Dell and HP identified

The faulty mobile GPU saga continues in the form of a list which identifies the Dell and HP systems affected. It does look as if every single 8600M and 8400M chip is faulty.

DirectX 11 to be backwards compatible with Vista

Microsoft's Kevin Unangst recently informed the press that, among many things, DirectX 11 will be backwards compatible with Vista, and won't rely purely on Windows 7.

Firefox slowly eating into Safari’s market share

Figures from Net Applications? July browser survey show that Firefox is still chipping away at Safari's market share. Internet Explorer, however, has seen a slight growth.

Nvidia quitting the chipset business, denies claims

News broke from DigiTimes earlier that Nvidia was quitting the chipset business. In an effort to clear the air, a Nvidia response says the claims were "groundless".

Sun Microsystem’s profits plunge by 73%

Sun Microsystem's profits fell by 73% in fiscal quarter four, according to Yahoo Finance. This translates into earnings of $88m, compared to last year's $329m.

Hitachi demonstrate 610GB per-square-inch HDD

Hitachi has "demonstrated the technical feasibility" of a HDD which boasts 610GB per square inch. With this density, capacities could rise by 40% annually.

Corsair break world record for fastest DDR3 memory

Corsair has busted the record for the highest clocked DDR3 memory. Using a X48 motherboard with an E8400 (645MHz FSB), the company reached speeds of 2580MHz.

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