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MSI X48 Platinum

Enthusiast motherboards are about potential. Does the MSI X48 Platinum succeed or squander the potential? Read on to find out.

PhysX teaches Radeon and GeForce to get along

Using a Radeon card with a secondary GeForce card primarily dedicated to PhysX processing works, or so reveal tests conducted by the folks over at Hardspell.

Microsoft’s Explorer Mini “Blue Track” mouse spotted

Engadget have discovered a rodent which seems to be the product behind the teaser "Say Goodbye to Laser", which recently featured on Microsoft's website.

Far Cry 3 developments are underway, says Ubisoft

Developments on a sequel to the unreleased Far Cry 2 are currently in "preliminary stages", confirmed Ubisoft's Patrick Redding. The game will remain set in Africa.

Microsoft unleash Internet Explorer 8 beta 2

Microsoft has rolled-out the second beta of Internet Explorer 8, a release which has to counter Mozilla's already victorious Firefox 3. Grab your copy here.

Nvidia makes SLI on X58 official, without bridge chip

Running two GeForce cards and a Core i7 CPU in tandem will soon be a reality, confirmed Nvidia, who added that nForce 200 chips won't be required.

CPU-Z version 1.47 is now up for grabs

A new version of CPU-Z is now up for grabs courtesy of CPUID. Version 1.47 adds support for Intel’s upcoming Core i7 processors and AMD’s 790GX chipset.

FutureMark’s first game to utilize Nvidia’s PhysX

FutureMark is going to implement PhysX into its first game, Shattered Horizon, according to a proud Nvidia. A teaser and general info on the game is here.

Abit to leave the mobo market by year’s end

Despite Abit's marketing director dispelling rumors back in May, talks have re-emerged that the company will exit the motherboard business by the end of this year.

Lian Li announce EX-H34 HDD rack, BS-08 fan

Lian Li is proud to announce the addition of two new products - the EX-H34 HDD rack mount and the BS-08 fan, showcasing Lian Li's usual attention to detail.

Lian Li’s alternative Xbox 360 chassis reviewed

Our colleagues over at Bit-tech have teased us with a sneak peak of Lian Li's XB01 alternative Xbox 360 chassis. "The Xbox is finally, truly silent. It's incredible".

Ars Technica has a run through Battlefield Heroes

There's plenty to look forward to in EA's upcoming Battlefield Heroes, discovered Ars Technica, who were provided with a beta key. Did I mention the game's free?

More evidence mounts over Xbox 360 price cuts

If you're after reassurance that all 3 Xbox 360 SKU's will be subject to price cuts on September 7th, then a new BestBuy catalog should provide some comfort.

80 GB PlayStation 3 features 65nm GPU, it seems

Evidence has emerged which suggests that the newly launched 80 GB PS3 features the smaller 65nm RSX GPU - a feature which Sony is yet to confirm.

Jen-Hsun Huang’s keynote at Nvision detailed

With Nvision '08 now underway, DailyTech have the low-down on CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's keynote, which touched upon Folding and the history of the GPU.

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