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SSD’s are more energy efficient than HDD’s afterall

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Posted July 7, 2008 by admin in News

A few days ago, we published a story about how much better our Eee PC 1000H performed when we swapped the system?s 5,400rpm Seagate Momentus hard drive out for a Samsung SATA II SSD drive. Not only did the system boot faster and all apps load faster, but we got 20 more minutes of battery life with the SSD.

However, when we posted our story, we heard from users that Tom?s Hardware, a site we admire a great deal, recently published an article which claims that SSDs use more power than traditional hard drives. The Tom?s Hardware story got some major attention from sites like Engadget and even got a responses from SSD-makers Super Talent and Micron, who both claim that the drives used in the Tom?s test are ?early generation? and therefore more power hungry than newer models.

Is Tom?s Hardware right? We don?t think so.

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