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OCZ’s Core series SSD’s now up for pre-order

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Posted July 25, 2008 by admin in News

These are the very same drives that were compared to a VelociRapter earlier this week by HotHardware.

As you can see, in terms of read performance, the OCZ Core Series SSD has virtually identical performance across its entire 64GB volume once you hit 64kb block sizes. The OCZ Core drive’s average read performance clocks in at over 140MB/s and it was actually able to outpace the VelociRaptor here by a significant margin of about 11MB/s or 8%. When we look at average write performance, the tables turn dramatically and the OCZ Core SSD drive tops out at 87MB/sec with the VelociRaptor offering nearly identical read/write performance.

We’ve seen some oddities with SSD drives in our standard HD Tach testing, so we’re going to look deeper into that and experiment with different SATA controllers. Our testing was done on an Intel X48 chipset board (Asus P5E3 Premium) with the ICH9R Southbridge

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