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Nvidia’s new 9-series mobile lineup confuses

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Posted July 22, 2008 by admin in News

As detailed over at TechReport, the 9800M GT actually has better specifications than the 9800M GTS. For reference, these GPU’s have supposedly been sneaked out in various notebooks for quite some time now.

Five new high-end products have made their way into Nvidia’s mobile graphics processor line. The GeForce 9700M GT, 9700M GTS, 9800M GTS, 9800M GT, and 9800M GTX complete the rest of the GeForce 9M lineup, which was introduced last month, and their specifications look a little something like this…

At the top end of the new mobile GPU line, the GeForce 9800M GTX seems to have most in common with the desktop GeForce 8800 GT: both have 112 stream processors and 256-bit memory interfaces, while the 8800 GT has slightly higher memory bandwidth (57.6GB/s) and a 504 gigaFLOPS floating-point arithmetic rating. The 9800M GTS corresponds to the desktop GeForce 9600 GT in much the same way, with the same stream processor count and memory interface width, but lower memory bandwidth (51GB/s instead of 57.6GB/s) and a lower gigaFLOPS rating (240 instead of 312).

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