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Nvidia supports PhysX on Radeon project

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Posted July 6, 2008 by admin in News

The bad news is we still don?t have access to any HD 4800 hardware yet. It is very important for this project to receive AMD?s support on both developer and PR levels. It seems that AMD still is not being cooperative, we get the feeling that they want this project to fail. Perhaps their plans are to strangle PhysX since AMD and Intel have Havok. We truly hope this is not the case since ?format wars? are really bad for the consumers (For example: Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD).

Before we get to the good news, I?m going to ask you to hold on to something steady as some of you are going to feel a bit dizzy after you hear this. The truth is? Nvidia is now helping us with the project and it seems they are giving us their blessings. It?s very impressive, inspiring and motivating to see Nvidia’s view on this. Why they help us? My best guess would be: They probably want to take on Intel with CUDA and to deal with the latest Havok threat from both AMD and Intel.

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