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New Core Temp version available for download

Posted July 11, 2008 by admin in News

– Fix: Layout when using upto 125% DPI.
– Fix: Layout problem and extra systemtray icons with Phenom.
– Fix: Potential crashes while saving a register dump file.
– Fix: Core Temp icon wasn’t showing in About box.
– Fix: Menu shortcut keys were not available for all menu items.
– Fix: A few old unnoticable bugs.

– Add: Initial Intel Nehalem support.
– Add: Initial support for AMD’s Griffin cores – Untested.
– Add: Improved Intel Atom support.
– Add: Support latest AMD K8 CPUs.
– Add: Support for HyperThreaded CPUs. Core Temp will only display the physical cores and average load on each core.
– Add: Support for Pentium E5000 series.
– Add: Display core and thread count per CPU.
– Add: GUI Adjustments of Temperature offset and G15 applet via the Settings window.
– Add: Create a screenshot function. Access from “Options” menu or by F9 shortcut.
– Add: Shortcut key for register dump file: F7.
– Add: Update register dump output: APIC ID, CPU number, Core number, Thread number.

– Change: Move all settings to the ini file out of the registry.
– Change: Rename ini file to CoreTemp.ini.
– Change: Temperature offset adjustment works for AMD CPUs as well.
– Change: Atom Tj.Max adjusted for more accurate readings.
– Change: Cleaned up code a little bit.


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