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Larrabee to feature Pentium based technology

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Posted July 8, 2008 by admin in News

As NordicHardware point out, he adds that no less than 32 of the aforementioned cores will hit 2TFLOPS when operating at 2GHz – a feat which would currently require two RV770 cores.

Even though it’s based on the P54C architecture it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find many things in common with the Pentium processor and the upcoming graphics processing unit. The P54C has been shrunk to 45nm, been extended and updated to, for example, feature more cache and updated instructions. Larrabee will also feature 64-bit operations, which makes us believe that the mentioned 2TFLOPS might very well be double precision.

As we’ve reported in the past, the 32 core version is most likely a server option, while the the 16 and 24 core versions are more likely to go retail sometime in 2010. Intel aims to design the card so that it will fit within current PCIe power specifications, which means a maximum of 300W, a bit less hopefully. The scariest part is the die size though, initial data stated a die size of 49.5mm2.

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