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Intel’s X58 chipset to support SLI, it seems

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Posted July 11, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Such motherboards will be a rare find, however, as firstly a re-designed PCB is required in order to accommodate the BR-04 nForce 200 chips, and secondly the aforementioned nForce part is rather expensive.

You may remember that Nvidia once used this method in order to run SLI on Skulltrail systems.

That?s because LGA 1160 still keeps DMI we currently use to link to southbridge but no QPI, it will be more easier to design a LGA 1160 mobo then QPI supported LGA 1366 boards.

That doesn?t means NVIDIA will just hand over the high end market to AMD easily. It is said NV have already gave out SLI permit to Intel X58, by selling their BR-04 chips, just like what they did to the Skulltrial.

But even they give permit, it doesn?t means you can see lots of SLI enable X58 everywhere after Q4. First of all, The chip BR04 is as expansive as $30 USD, and secondly a reference X58 can not add BR-04 by not changing the PCB layout, that means if a mobo maker want to make SLI and non-SLI X58, they need two different PCB layout. All these just keep the mobo production cost rising, so we can expect second tier mobo maker may not going for SLI enable X58.

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