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Intel: CUDA is merely a “footnote in computing history”

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Posted July 2, 2008 by admin in News

The problem that we?ve seen over and over and over again in the computing industry is that there?s a cool new idea, and it promises a 10x or 20x performance improvements, but you?ve just got to go through this little orifice called a new programming model,? Gelsinger explained to Custom PC. Those orifices, says Gelsinger, have always been ?insurmountable as long as the general purpose computing models evolve into the future.?

Gelsinger used the Cell architecture used in the PlayStation 3?s CPU as an example to prove his point. ?It [Cell] promised to be this radical new computing architecture,? said Gelsinger, ?and basically years later the application programmers have barely been able to comprehend how to write applications for it.?

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