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How the GeForce 8300 stacks up against AMD’s 780G

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Posted July 2, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Sure, the GeForce offers decent gaming performance and effective Blu-ray playback acceleration. But the 780G is better on both fronts, and its power consumption appears to be lower. As our WorldBench results illustrate, the two chipsets offer identical performance with common desktop applications, too. There isn’t much for Nvidia to hang its hat on this time around, then.

As for the Zotac motherboard we used for testing, it, too, has issues. The BIOS definitely needs work, both to improve tweaking and overclocking options and to add the necessary hooks to improve compatibility with Nvidia’s System Utility software. The board could use eSATA connectivity, too, and an audio codec that supports Dolby Digital Live or DTS encoding. The GeForce 8300 is primed for home theater applications, after all, and motherboard makers should be mindful of what’s important to that market. Zotac expects its GeForce 8300 board to arrive in July and sell between $85 and $90, which will put it up against better-equipped 780G boards like Gigabyte’s GA-MA780GM-S2H.

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