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Futuremark bans GPU accelerated physics

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Posted July 21, 2008 by admin in News

I’ve changed a couple of e-mails between Futuremark CEO Tero Sarkkinen who quickly commented current confusing situation in ORB and Hall of Fame.

NVIDIA’s GPU PhysX was launched in the middle of summer and most of FM’s staff are on holidays (Most people are here in Finland). Tero said timing couldn’t have been worse but they have updated filtering system coming up which will handle the runs which are not following Futuremark’s guidelines.

When I asked more specific about NVIDIA’s GPU PhysX, he confirmed that it won’t be allowed. (Since Vantage’s CPU test 2 is designed to measure CPU physics calculations and it is clearly stated in the rules that GPU or driver can’t affect the result significantly).

So from now on if you want to run offical 3DMark result or Hall of Fame result with NVIDIA gfx you have to use Futuremark approved WHQL driver and do not install NVIDIA PhysX System Software.

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