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Corsair launch industry’s fastest DDR3 memory

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Posted July 25, 2008 by admin in News

The TW3X2G2133C9DF DOMINATOR modules represent the very best of Corsair?s cutting edge technology in DDR3 overclocking and gaming memory. Ultra fast, selected DRAM chips are housed in Corsair?s proprietary Dual-Path Heat Xchange Cooling Technology (DHX) -used in Dell, HP and Alienware gaming systems- for striking speed and performance. The new DOMINATOR TW3X2G2133C9DF memory kit unleashes the high performance potential of NVIDIA 790i-based platforms.

?Our engineers have been working hard to achieve this astounding speed of 2133MHz,? said John Beekley, VP of Applications Engineering at Corsair. ?This is a tremendous accomplishment to be able to manufacture memory modules at this speed in production volumes,? added Beekley.

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