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Ars Technica paves the path for E3 2009

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Posted July 23, 2008 by admin in News

So why not move it? Vegas has many choices for different-sized events, and if companies like Activision decide to have off-site events, the city already has ways of getting you around the Strip. We’ve already said that the show needs more pop, and Las Vegas is electric even when nothing is going on. From a social, technological, and even convenience standpoint, Vegas has it all over the Los Angeles convention center.

If you take away the terrible look of the show and focus on the people, meetings, and games, this year’s E3 was a success. In terms of excitement and charisma, it was a complete dud, and it doesn’t have to be. These fixes wouldn’t be expensive, but they do require some vision and effort from the ESA. Let’s see if Michael Gallagher and company can step up for the industry next year. E3 is worth saving.

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