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Apple suing Psystar for copyright violation

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Posted July 17, 2008 by admin in News

Psystar announced its Open Computer?a $499 PC with Mac OS X pre-installed using a third-party hack?all the way back in mid-April, and it took Apple until July 3 to file the suit. Reportedly, Apple spent those two and a half months waiting to see whether Psystar was actually selling its Open Computers before taking action (although the systems were already out in the wild in May).

ZDNet says a case management conference will take place on October 22 to “determine where the case goes from here.” Considering Apple’s notorious legal resources and the fact that Psystar seems to be a small Floridian company, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the latter pummeled into submission. Then again, some legal experts think Apple could have a hard time proving any wrongdoing on Psystar’s part.

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