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AnandTech review iPhone 3G in 24 pages

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Posted July 23, 2008 by admin in News

For someone who has never owned an iPhone, the iPhone 3G is really no worse and marginally better than the original, which continues to be the best consumer smartphone available in my opinion. The user interface remains the pinnacle of ease of use and speed, making all other phones look and feel old by comparison.

At the same time, the iPhone 3G does give us one of the major features we were asking for last year: 3G network support. Perhaps it?s that I?ve gotten so used to browsing on Edge, or maybe it?s that many webpages don?t load that much faster, or better yet maybe it?s the severe impact on battery life, but the support for 3G just doesn?t seem to be that big of a deal. Granted, if you?re buying a new iPhone now you don?t really have another option so big-deal or not, you?re getting 3G.

If NVIDIA took a $400 graphics card and started selling a faster version for $199 I?d normally be ecstatic, but given that the increases in monthly fees actually make the iPhone 3G slightly more expensive at the end of your 2-year contract I can?t really get too excited about the price drop. I understand that not everyone will feel this way, as the price drop allows someone who doesn?t have a spare $400 but does have a spare $200 to get arguably the best phone on the planet today. But it still takes some of the hot air out of this balloon.

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