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AMD’s unlocked “Super RV770” core detailed

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Posted July 2, 2008 by admin in News

Focussing back on the “SuperRV770” itself, the article states that the HD 4870 allows for a TDP of 225 watts and in stock configuration, it is claimed, the solution utilises in the region of 160 to 170 watts. This, using the upper value, provides a 55 watt margin for overclocking potential and is perhaps where AMD is getting its inspiration from.

TG Daily has calculated that at 4.8 GT/s (1.2 GHz QDR), the “SuperRV770” would reach bandwidth heights of 150 GB/s, exceeding the 138.37 GB/s touted by NVIDIA’s GTX 280.

Enthusiasts may take even more joy from the claim that, when married up with TEC cooling, GPU speeds north of 1 GHz could be within reach.

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