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87% of PlayStation 3 owners watch Blu-ray

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Posted July 6, 2008 by admin in Consoles

Is the PS3 really the driving force behind Blu-ray? Or is Blu-ray the driving force behind the PS3? Did Sony take too much of a gamble with a new format and didn’t invest enough into the games? If so, will that improve now that Blu-ray has won?

What about the credibility of the report? Almost a year ago, the NPD Group found that 60% of PS3 owners didn’t know it played Blu-ray discs. Is that a contradiction with this study or have consumers become more educated? As a side note, the study found the average gamer to be 33-years old with 24% that are older than 50. Are 25% gamers really 50 and over? If true, this might be good news for Sony.

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