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Archive for October 17th, 2021

Asus Rampage Extreme pictured in pretty pixels

Following HardOCP's review of the Maximus II Formula, CPU3D has now taken a look at its bigger brother - the Rampage Extreme (which is capable of a 710MHz FSB).

iPhone 3G jailbreak tool for Windows released

A sigh of relief comes from iPhone 3G owners now the Windows Jailbreak tool has been released. This is the one-click way to use your 3G iPhone on a Windows OS.

Creative roll-out ZEN Mozaic MP3 player

Creative has been rolling-out MP3 players like hotcakes lately. The latest model is the ZEN Mozaic, which is available in 2GB through to 16GB capacities.

Asus to introduce several Eee PC accessories

In an effort to make the Eee PC brand stand out from the crowd, Asus will soon introduce an external hard drive, external DVD writer and a 3G card to its netbook.

Gateway to stop selling PC’s through online store

Gateway has announced that it will soon stop selling PC's through its online store, instead focusing on third-party stores and other online retailers.

DisplayPort to see long term success, says iSuppli

Market research firm iSuppli believes that the royalty-free DisplayPort interface "will see some long-term success", and shipments will significantly rise by 2012.

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