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Archive for June 19th, 2019

Another Asus HD 3850 Trinity review published

Granted - this isn't the first Asus HD 3850 Trinity review to surface, though it's an interesting one nonetheless. The pictures and results can be seen at HotHardware.

2.3GHz 45nm Phenom power consumption tested

Chinese enthusiast site ZOL.com.cn is the latest to compare AMD's 2.3GHz 45nm Phenom to the identically clocked Phenom X4 9600 in TDP and heat tests.

AMD to lay-off the accelerator with RV870

AMD will lay-off the accelerator somewhat when designing the RV870, according to NordicHardware. AMD plans to first improve its 45nm and multi-GPU designs.

Nvidia’s next “Big Bang” arriving in September

A leaked slide from Nvidia reveals that the company's next "Big Bang" will arrive in September. For reference, the first Big Bang was the creation of SLI.

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