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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Lian Li unleash Lancool K12 midi-tower chassis

Following the recent launch of the Lancool K6, Lian Li has today added the PC- K12 (designed for the LAN power user) to its growing Lancool lineup.

EVGA’s 9800 GTX+ hits the stocks of Newegg

What looks to be the first 9800 GTX+ to hit Newegg is from EVGA, as promised in the AIB’s forums last week. The price matches a regular 9800 GTX, though.

Vista is not optimized for SSD’s, says SanDisk

SanDisk's CEO Eli Harari indicated during a recent conference call that Vista is not optimized for flash media, and thus SSD's don't perform to their full potential.

Ars Technica paves the path for E3 2009

Following the conclusion of a somewhat below-par E3, Ars Technica has detailed what went wrong, and the ways of avoiding these problems next year.

Nintendo banned from selling some controllers

As a result of a $21 million patent lawsuit, Nintendo has been ordered to cease selling an assortment of its controllers. There are ways around this, though.

Smaller, cheaper Optimus Pultius released

Many of you would be familiar with the Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard. Well now a less expensive, 15 key version has been released, alias the Optimus Pultius.

AnandTech review iPhone 3G in 24 pages

AnandTech has published an extensive 24-page review of Apple's iPhone 3G, which covers everything from the look and feel to the reason behind the phone's success.

Asus launches Eee PC 1000HD, confuses many

Asus has now introduced its Eee PC 1000HD, which seems to be an Eee 904 outfitted with a 10" screen. As far as naming schemes are concerned, we're lost.

Yahoo announce $1.798 billion Q2 revenue

Yahoo has announced a quarter two revenue of 1.798 billion - a 6% yearly increase. Net income, however, has fallen to $131 million from last year's $161 million.

ASRock’s new 790GX equipped board pixellated

It's now ASRock's turn to step into the spotlight, as pictures of its 790GX equipped ODE790GX-WiFi motherboard have been published over at OC Workbench.

Galaxy’s low-profile 9600 GT now available

Galaxy's low-profile 9600 GT has now surfaced in stores worldwide, according to associated press. The HTPC ready card is available for just under $150.

Microsoft details DirectX 11 at XNA GameFest

Microsoft has been keeping its cards close to its chest on the DirectX 11 front lately, although not anymore. Listed below are the initial details of DirectX 11.

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