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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Intel to cut Xeon pricing by around 12%, too

Following the recent 45nm dual-core price cuts, DigiTimes reports that Intel is also slashing the price of its Xeon X3220, X3210 and E3110 price by around 12%.

AMD is on track for 45nm shipments, says Meyer

AMD's Dirk Meyer recently revealed that pilot production of 45nm processors commenced "late last quarter", and the company is well on track for Q4 shipments.

Catalyst 8.7 from AMD is now up for grabs

Another month, another driver release from AMD. Catalyst 8.7 includes all the usual tweaks and refinements, and can be downloaded from this page.

Yahoo reach deal with billionaire Carl Icahn

Yahoo has reached an agreement with Carl Icahn. While a deal with Microsoft remains open, Icahn won't be completely replacing Yahoo's Board of Directors.

EVGA and XFX defect from Nvidia, says INQ

Despite the lack of evidence behind this, Charlie over at The Inquirer reports that EVGA and XFX have defected from Nvidia. We'll leave it at that.

Apple record $7.46 billion quarter two revenue

Apple has posted a quarter two revenue of $7.46 billion, and a profit of $1.07 billion. This represents a 41% unit growth and 43% revenue growth yearly.

Nvidia to re-sell flashed 8800 GT’s as 9800’s

While nothing's set in stone, Expreview has received word that Nvidia is allowing its partners to flash and re-brand existing 8800 GT's into 9800 GT's.

Nvidia’s new 9-series mobile lineup confuses

Contrary to the new and improved naming scheme adopted with its GTX 200 series, Nvidia's new mobile range features an oddity which is confusing many...

New “Hydra” chip can mix and match GPU’s

An Israeli company claims to have developed a technique (dubbed "Hydra") to run any two GPU's simultaneously (despite make or model) with improved scaling.

Lian Li unleash Lancool K6 midi-tower case

Lian Li has today launched the PC- K6 midi chassis under the Lancool branding, combining outstanding quality and craftsmanship with exceptional value.

Lian Li roll-out PC-7F and PC-60F cases

Lian Li has added two new additions to its Midi Tower lineup, alias the PC-7F & PC-60F. Both cases, as detailed below, offer all the usual Lian Li refinements.

OCZ launches Fatal1ty branded memory kits

OCZ has today introduced its long-awaited Fatal1ty-branded DDR2 and DDR3 memory kits. The 2 and 4GB kits boast Fatal1ty-engraved XTC heat-spreaders.

Biostar’s upcoming TA-790GX A2+ board pictured

OC Workbench has published a photo of Biostar's upcoming TA-790GX A2+ board based on AMD's 790GX chipset. This shouldn't dent your wallet too much.

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