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Archive for October 17th, 2021

What would you do to win a 3DMark Vantage key?

We're currently in the process of reading your proposals for an upcoming competition. Your ideas to win a 3DMark Vantage key can be voiced here.

Yahoo lobbies against Carl Icahn’s plans

Yahoo has placed a link on its homepage persuading shareholders to vote against Carl Icahn's plans for the company (which involve a new Board of Directors).

Psystar’s warehouse is up for sale, it seems

InformationWeek reports that Psystar's 47,000 square-foot warehouse is up for sale for $4.6 million. This follows Apple suing the company for copyright violations.

Nvidia’s 9700M and 9800M already available

High-end laptop users will be pleased to know that Nvidia have been sneaking 9700M and 9800M GPUs into laptops for quite some time now. Details here.

Lite-On expect to ship 5 million Xbox drives in Q3

According to DigiTimes, Lite-On is hoping to increase its Xbox 360 DVD drive shipments by roughly 20-25% in quarter three, totaling 4.8-5.0 million units.

GeForce GTX 280 can be had for $449 on Newegg

A lineup of GTX 280’s from EVGA, Palit, BFG and XFX have hit Newegg at a price of $449. The upcoming HD 4870 X2 is the reasoning behind the low pricing.

Asus set overclocking records with Rampage Extreme

Asus has raised the bar once again, this time by breaking several overclocking records with its upcoming Rampage Extreme. A 710MHz FSB is among the results.

iPhone 3G cheaper to manufacture than original

Record breaking sales aren't all Apple has to celebrate, as figures released by iSuppli show that the new iPhone 3G is considerably cheaper to manufacture.

Nintendo Wii sales overtake Xbox 360 in the US

The latest console-sales figures to be released from NPD Group reveal that the Wii has overtaken the Xbox 360 in being the most purchased console in the US.

Nintendo to release Wii-mote with built-in MotionPlus

Nintendo is reportedly considering the release of a Wii-mote with its new MotionPlus accessory built in (which improves accuracy and responsiveness).

AMD to counter Intel’s Atom with Bobcat core

RegHardware believe that AMD will counter Intel's Atom with its Bobcat core. Earlier reports indicated that the K8-architecture would power the chip, though.

Asus’ ExpressGate Eee Box OS put to the test

The folks over at Laptopmag.com have had the chance to test Asus' ExpressGate, which is the slimmed-down Linux-based OS featured on the Eee Box.

Google subject to class-action for alleged fraud

A class-action lawsuit filed against Google alleges that the web-giant committed fraud and unjust enrichment by selling ads that were unlikely to create traffic.

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