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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Google’s Q2 results fall short of expectations

Google's earnings for the second quarter have risen 35 percent from last year, equaling $1.25 billion. This figure is, however, below analyst's expectations.

VR-Zone reviews GTX 200 and HD 4800-series

If you're looking to see how the GTX 200- and HD 4800-series compare in both single and CrossFire setups, then you're in for a good read over at VR-Zone.

Toshiba tout 2 platter 250 GB notebook drive

Toshiba has pulled the wraps off a new notebook drive which boasts a record 477Mbit/mm areal density. This translates into 400GB of storage on two platters.

Radeon HD 4850 can now be had for $174

The latest availability check to hit the press from TechReport reveals that the HD 4850's price is still declining. In fact, the cheapest model can be had for $174.

Sapphire officially announce Toxic HD 4850’s

While we've already seen the pictures, we now have a press release detailing Sapphire's Toxic 4850 (with the blue cooler) and HD 4850 1GB to gaze at.

Nvidia release three developer programs

Nvidia has fulfilled developer's requests by releasing three new graphics-related applications: PerfHUD 6, FX Composer 2.5 and Shader Debugger. More here.

More Bloomfield pricing details emerge

We already knew that the 2.66Ghz Bloomfield part will cost $285, however we now know that the 3.2GHz and 2.93GHz versions will cost a respective $990 and $555.

Seagate shipped 43 million hard-drives in Q2

Seagate has announced the shipment of 43 million hard drives in Q2, pushing the company's revenue to almost $2.9 billion (a $155 million rise from last year).

AMD announce Q2 revenue, appoint new CEO

As well as reporting a Q2 revenue of $1.349 billion, and a net loss of $1.189 billion, AMD has announced that Dirk Meyer will replace Hector Ruiz as CEO.

BFG has a GTX 200 cash back program, also

BFG has now joined EVGA and XFX in offering a rebate to early GTX 200 buyers. If purchased in the US or Canada before July 16th, up to $120 can be claimed.

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