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Archive for July 23rd, 2019

Sony announce price cut on 80GB PS3

Sony has taken the opportunity to announce price cuts on its 80GB PS3. A price of $399 - which is in 60GB Xbox 360 territory - will soon come into effect.

802.11n market share to rise due to Centrino 2

As a result of the recently launched Centrino 2 platform, network-equipment makers are expecting a sudden surge in 802.11n device shipments.

GeForce 9500 GT synthetic benchmarks emerge

With the July 28th launch closing in fast, Chinese website XFastest has had some fun with a 9500 GT. Additionally, they've also included various pictures.

Mozilla roll-out new “critical” Firefox 2 update

Despite the record-breaking popularity of Firefox 3, Mozilla has rolled-out another update for its older FireFox 2 browser. Version is rated as "critical".

Intel’s low-cost E7400 detailed, arriving Q4

Another low-cost CPU from Intel is scheduled to arrive in quarter four. The E7400 is clocked at 2.83 GHz, features 3MB L2 cache and will retail around $133.

Severed USB cable is a 2GB flash drive

We thought we'd seen it all as far as flash drives are concerned, however a new drive has emerged which disguises itself as a severed USB cable.

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