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Archive for October 24th, 2021

AMD’s G34 Opteron socket sketched

A diagram of AMD's upcoming G34 socket has surfaced. Featuring some 1974 pins, G34 will replace Socket 1207 and house AMD's DDR3 Opterons in 2010.

New GPU-Z version is now up for grabs

A new version of GPU-Z is up for grabs over at TechPowerUp. Version 0.2.6 adds support for the HD 4870 X2, and mends a few extra RV770-related bugs.

Mozilla roll-out first Firefox 3 update

With Firefox 3.0 fresh out the door, Mozilla has now rolled-out version 3.0.1, which sets out to mend three critical bugs. You can download the update here.

Microsoft to extend, revamp Sidewinder range

Microsoft is expanding its Sidewinder range with the introduction of the new X6 gaming keyboard later this year. The X5 rodent will also be subject to a revamp.

Eee PC 1000H now available on Newegg

The Asus Eee PC 1000H is now available on Newegg. The 10.2" 1024x600 display, 1GB of memory, 80GB hard drive and Atom processor all add up to $649.

EVGA offering GTX 200 cash back program, too

Following in XFX's footsteps, EVGA has also announced a GTX 260 and 280 cash-back program. The offer is only eligible to folks who purchased before July 7th.

Faulty mobile chips do not affect desktop parts

Ars Technica has received word from Nvidia that the faulty G84 and G86 GPU's (as detailed here and here) do not affect the desktop counterparts.

XFX offering cash-back for GTX 200 buyers

XFX is offering a cash-back for early GTX 260 and 280 adopters who missed the price cuts. If purchased before July 11, XFX is willing to re-pay up to $120.

Intel report promising second quarter revenue

Intel has posted a second quarter revenue of $9.5 billion, which is a 9% yearly growth, though a 2% quarterly drop. A net income of $1.6 billion is also noted.

AMD, Nvidia under investigation by court order

ATi (now AMD) and Nvidia are reportedly being investigated for staging competition between one another, by "fixing" the pricing and launch dates of their GPU's.

Intel to release first mobile quads next month

Intel's Sujan Kamran has revealed that the first quad-core mobile chips will be hitting laptops next month. The 2.53GHz X9300 will be among the new arrivals.

iPhone 3G estimated weekend sales figure

Initial estimates of the iPhone 3G's weekend sales point to a figure of $433 million, or potentially "the largest consumer electronics product launch in history".

Microsoft detail future Xbox Live enhancements

Microsoft has detailed the enhancements coming to its Xbox Live service. Based on user feedback, users will soon be able to play games directly from the HDD.

Nintendo’s E3 press-conference coverage

PC World have the low-down on Nintendo's press-conference at E3. Among the already detailed MotionPlus, a new WiiSports and Wii Music are on the agenda.

Apple suing Psystar for copyright violation

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Psystar (known for its Mac clones), alleging that the company violated its copyright and software licensing agreements.

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