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Archive for October 24th, 2021

New Core Temp version available for download

A new version of Core Temp is now up for grabs in our forums. Among other things, version 0.99.1 adds initial Nehalem support and fixes a few Atom related bugs.

OCZ launch Alchemy Series gaming peripherals

OCZ has expanded its gaming peripheral lineup with the addition of the new Alchemy Series. The Elixir keyboard is the first product to fall into the new lineup.

Corel add HD 4800-series support to WinDVD

Corel has announced that its WinDVD software now fully supports the Radeon HD 4800-series, resulting in reduced CPU usage and improved frame-rates.

Sapphire’s Toxic HD 4850 pictured in pretty pixels

After initially being detailed yesterday, the first pictures of Sapphire's Toxic HD 4850 have emerged, which reveal that Zalman's VF900-Cu cooler is included.

Albatron launch range of PCI graphics cards

Albatron has launched a range of new graphics cards which use the PCI interface. An 8600 GT, 8500 GT and 8400 GS are included for those who lack PCIe or AGP slots.

All 8400M, 8600M chips are faulty, report says

Word has it that every G84 and G86 GPU which shipped may have the fault which caused "significant quantities" of 8400M and 8600M graphics chips to die.

Intel preparing to launch Centrino 2 on July 14th

Subsequent to delays, Intel is preparing to launch its Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform come July 14th. The delay was due to graphics failures and wireless licensing.

Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 Pro pricing this week

Following weeks of rumors, The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Microsoft will cut $50 off its 20GB Xbox 360 Pro unit as early as Sunday, July 13th.

Intel’s X58 chipset to support SLI, it seems

It seems that Intel's upcoming X58 chipset will be capable of running SLI (as well as CrossFire) on motherboards equipped with nForce 200 chips. Details below...

Radeon HD 4600-series pixellated online

The first pictures of AMD's upcoming HD 4600 lineup have emerged. While the card is photo-shopped to protect the source, the stock cooler is visible underneath.

Radeon HD 4870 X2 launch pricing revealed

If Fudzilla have their facts straight, AMD's upcoming HD 4870 X2 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory will retail at $549. For reference, the GTX 280 was recently cut to $499.

Seagate roll-out first 1.5TB desktop hard-disk

Following the announcement of Hitachi's three-platter 1TB HDD (which was dense enough to store 1.125 TB), Seagate has now launched the first 1.5TB model.

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