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Archive for October 17th, 2021

XP SP3 hitting Automatic Updates later today

It seems that XP's final service pack will hit Automatic Updates later today. This news follows a Microsoft spokesman claiming that the update will arrive "shortly".

Asus Eee PC sales fall short of expectations

Eee PC sales have fallen well short of Asus' expectations for the first half of this year. Some 1.7 million units were shipped - 300,000 short of the expected 2 million.

PowerColor to equip HD 4850 with 2GB memory

Sapphire's Toxic HD 4850 (as detailed earlier today) seems somewhat obsolete after news arises of PowerColor's new 2GB model. Plenty of pictures are available.

More Bloomfield tests surface, this time 2.93GHz

TomsHardware have already teased us with their Foxconn Renaissance and Nehalem details, although they've put the icing on the cake with some 2.93GHz benchmarks.

Sapphire’s Toxic HD 4850 is in the works

While details remain scarce, Sapphire is gearing up to launch the Toxic version of its HD 4850. A custom designed PCB and significant overclocks are included.

2.66GHz Bloomfield benchmarks emerge

The latest news to roll-out from Chiphell comes in the form of numerous 2.66GHz Bloomfield benchmarks. 3DMark Vantage CPU and Super Pi 1MB are among the tests.

Hitachi launch energy efficient 1TB hard-disk

Hitachi has rolled-out another 1TB HDD, although this time they've managed to do so with only three platters. Dubbed the 7K1000.B, pricing details are unknown.

Nvidia to launch more 55nm GPU’s this year

According to DigiTimes, Nvidia will add another "4-5" 55nm GPU's to its graphics-lineup by year's end, resulting in a 20% reduction in manufacturing costs.

Nvidia detail Hybrid SLI supporting Intel chipsets

Nvidia has detailed its first Intel chipsets to support Hybrid SLI. The MCP7A-U (GeForce 9400) and MCP7A-S (GeForce 9300) are expected to arrive in mid-August.

Samsung launch new 128GB solid-state drive

Following in OCZ's footsteps, Samsung is preparing a new 128GB SSD which sports 90MB read and 70MB write speeds. A TDP of 0.5W in "active" mode is also noted.

Corsair launching 2.133GHz DDR3 memory

Corsair is preparing to launch some of the fastest DDR3 memory to hit retail. As HotHardware report, the kit boasts speeds of 2.133GHz and 9-9-9-24 timings.

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