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Archive for October 17th, 2021

HD 4870 X2 launching on July 14th, apparently

The rumor mill is churning away in overtime, with new reports emerging that AMD's HD 4870 X2 will launch as early as July 14th. Nothing's set in stone though.

Sony roll-out PS3 firmware 2.41 right on time

Said to be arriving "midweek" just yesterday, Sony has kept to its schedule and rolled-out PS3 firmware 2.41. In-game music and user trophies are among the additions.

790GX IGP gaming performance figures leak

The folks over at ChileHardware have published several slides which give a rough indication of the 790GX's gaming performance. A 33% boost over the 780G is noted.

DreamWorks Animation makes the switch to Intel

DreamWorks Animation is ending its run with AMD, and has announced over 1000 workstations and 1500 servers to be built by HP, which are all Intel-based.

Apple’s 3G iPhone reviewed ahead of schedule

Walt Mossberg is among several people to review Apple's 3G iPhone ahead of the July 11th launch. All the reviews seem to share a positive outlook.

Nvidia may “terminate” its alliance with VIA

According to DigiTimes, Nvidia may "terminate its alliance with VIA" and create integrated graphics chipset's for Intel's Atoms, rather than VIA's Nanos.

AMD to launch DDR3 motherboard in Q1, 2009

AMD has finished playing the waiting game, and will launch its first DDR3 motherboard in Q1 next year. The first versions will be based on the RD790 chipset.

Activision, Vivendi Games to merge today

The Activision and Vivendi Games merger (resulting in Activision Blizzard) has reportedly been approved by regulatory authorities, and a deal will close later today.

Asus slash Eee PC 900 pricing by $100

With the low-cost notebook market heating up, Asus is now offering a $100-rebate on its Eee PC 900 in stores such as Amazon. The reduced price is $449.

Intel to discontinue E6x50 lineup in Q1, 2009

Intel is preparing to discontinue its E6850, E6750, E6550 and E6450 processors in Q1 2009, with the final orders taking place in Q4 this year - or so it seems.

Eran Badit invited to join Nvidia Developer Program

Eran Badit of NGOHQ.com, who is best known for his to-be-released Radeon PhysX software, has been abducted into the Nvidia Developer Program.

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