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Archive for February 27th, 2021

The weekly fold – help break 500,000 points

On a slow news day like today, why not head over to our Folding forum and check the latest stats. Or better yet, you can join team #52950 to help bust 500,000 points.

Upcoming Core 2 Duo E8600 pushed to 6GHz

It looks as if the upcoming E8600 has been pushed to 6GHz (600×10), reaching a time of 7.641 seconds in SuperPi 1MB. Following this, a speed of 6146MHz was reached.

Asus Rampage Extreme motherboard pictured

The upcoming X48-equipped Rampage Extreme motherboard from Asus has been pictured from every angle courtesy of XFastest. Put on a bib and enjoy!

Point of View unveil 9800 GTX+, launch date confirmed

Adding to the list of partners who have eagerly jumped on the 9800 GTX+ bandwagon is Point of View, who are preparing a stock model for July 16th.

Silicon Integrated System’s revenue on the rise

SiS has announced revenue of $17.37 million for June. With an adjustment of the company's structure and the appointment of a new CEO, further gains are forecast.

SSD’s are more energy efficient than HDD’s afterall

In response to an article from Toms Hardware which claimed that SSD's consume more power than HDD's, Laptop magazine have set out to prove them wrong.

TSMC delay 40nm production until Q1, 2009

Despite the lack of evidence behind this, TSMC has supposedly delayed its 40nm production until Q1 next year, prolonging the launch of GPU's from AMD and Nvidia.

AT&T suggest downgrading old iPhones to iPods

With a 3G iPhone looming on the horizon, an AT&T spokesperson has suggested that older phones be downgraded to an iPod touch upon the arrival of the 3G model.

Nvidia to retaliate against Radeon HD 4870 X2

According to NordicHardware, Nvidia has a HD 4870 X2 rival up its sleeve. While details remain slim, the 55nm GT200b core is said to power the new board.

Acer tout world’s highest contrast ratio LCD

Acer has officially introduced its new 24" G24 display, which is said to boast the world's highest LCD contrast ratio of 50,000:1. A 2ms response time is also noted.

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