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Archive for October 17th, 2021

GeForce GTX 260, 280 price cuts are in effect

It's starting to look as if the GTX 260 and 280 price cuts announced yesterday are already coming into effect.

Radeon HD 4870 X2 heading for an August debut

According to DigiTimes, AMD's HD 4870 X2 is on track for an August launch. A price of US $499 is expected to accompany the two RV770 cores.

MSI has a 9800 GTX+ up its sleeve, too

Following closely in Inno3D and Leadtek's footsteps, MSI has now announced its own flavor of the GeForce 9800 GTX+.

Bioshock coming to the PS3 with Digital Extremes

2K Boston and 2K Australia have announced a partnership with Digital Extremes, who will help adapt Bioshock to the PS3.

Eee Monitor packs a full computer under the hood

It's been confirmed that the Eee Monitor also houses a complete computer, much like Apple's iMac or Dell's XPS One.

Sapphire unveil 1GB HD 4850 with new cooler

Sapphire is the latest to roll-out a non-reference HD 4850. Among an extra 512MB of memory, the criticized stock cooler has been redesigned.

Apple call on Samsung for 50 million flash chips

Apple has ordered a hefty 50 million 8GB NAND flash chips for its iPhones and iPods, denting Samsung's flash supply for July.

Apple slash 1.8GHz Macbook Air pricing by $500

According to DailyTech, the price of Apple's 1.8GHz Macbook Air with the 64GB SSD has plummeted almost $500 to $2,598.

Radeon HD 4870 X2 to ship with 2GB of GDDR5

Contrary to previous reports, AMD's HD 4870 X2 - which is codenamed Spartan - will reportedly utilize 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

GT200’s successor to adopt GDDR5, DX10.1

It seems that Nvidia will implement both GDDR5 and DirectX 10.1 (as seen in the HD 4800-series) into the GT200's successor, which is arriving quarter four this year.

AMD showcase two more ray-tracing videos

AMD has uploaded two ray-tracing demonstrations to Youtube. The first features Ruby in a CG world, while the second is an interview.

RV710 and RV730 memory specifications surface

While clock speeds and other specifications remain unknown, possible memory configurations for the upcoming RV710 and RV730 have emerged.

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