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Archive for October 17th, 2021

MSI’s Wind reviewed, poses with Eee PC 901

British site Mobile Computer has taken a close look at MSI's Wind. Additionally, they photographed it from every angle with the Aspire One and Eee PC 901.

Arctic Cooling launch Accelero Twin Turbo

Arctic Cooling has unveiled yet another GPU cooler - the Accelero Twin Turbo. The dual-slot design accommodates a price of $35.

GeForce 9800 GT pictured, to be announced soon

Expreview has gathered a photo of the somewhat forgotten 9800 GT. The board features the same 55nm G92b chip used in the 9800 GTX+.

Catalyst 8.7 Beta leaked ahead of launch

A beta of the upcoming Catalyst 8.7 graphics drivers has been leaked prematurely. The drivers' fixes and refinements are still unknown.

OCZ expand Intel Extreme Series memory lineup

OCZ has added to its Intel Extreme Series memory lineup four CL7 modules which are rated at PC3-1333 and PC3-1600.

Leadtek join the GeForce 9800 GTX+ parade

Leadtek has joined partners including Inno3D on the 9800 GTX+ bandwagon, by announcing a new SKU. Leadtek's derivative features stock clocks.

Google Street View car hits the streets of London

Those looking to know the whereabouts of Google’s Street View Astra may be pleased to know that it’s currently prowling the streets of London.

Transition to 16:9 is unstoppable, report says

It seems that the transition to the 16:9 aspect ratio is unstoppable, with a respective 90% and 67% of the notebook and desktop monitor market expected to adopt the ratio by 2010.

SentrySafe launch 250GB Fire-Safe HDD

SentrySafe has launched the 250 GB version of its Fire-Safe waterproof hard drive, which can withstand 1500 degree F temperatures for 30 minutes.

Sony pulls latest PlayStation 3 firmware

Following its release yesterday, Sony has now "temporarily" taken PS3 firmware 2.40 offline, as it seems to be quite buggy.

Nvidia to counter RV770 with price cuts

Not taking kindly to AMD's RV770 core, Nvidia is reportedly going to shave a respective $30 and $90 off the GTX 260 and 280's price.

Firefox 3.0 launch day downloads figure confirmed

Mozilla's Guinness World Record for the most software downloads on a single day has now been confirmed, with a figure of 8,002,530.

Early Eee PC 904 HD information surfaces

More information regarding how the Eee PC 904 HD will stand-out from its peers has surfaced. Noted is that the "HD" suffix represents a HDD rather than a SSD.

Nvidia lowers quarter two financial forecast

Nvidia has lowered its second quarter financial forecast due to to slowing worldwide sales, and "significant quantities" of faulty notebook GPU's.

HD 4870, GTX 260 availability check published

Those of you wishing to purchase either a Radeon HD 4870 or GeForce GTX 260 should have a look at TechReport's latest availability check.

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