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RV770 supports a 100% ray traced pipeline

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Posted June 29, 2008 by admin in News

Urbach further added that ray-tracing in real time became a reality with the Radeon 2900XT ? which was used for a series of trailers for last summer’s hit-move Transformers. All those Transformers teaser trailers were rendered on a GPU and – more importantly – directed in real-time. The producer of these trailers had complete freedom to play around with a “virtual lens” and direct the trailer in his own way.

In terms of performance, the Radeon 2900XT 1GB rendered Transformers scenes in 20-30 frames per second, in 720p resolution and no Anti-Aliasing. With the Radeon 3870, the test scene jumped to 60 fps, with a drop to 20 fps when the proprietary Anti-Aliasing algorithm was applied. Urbach mentioned that the Radeon 4870 hits the same 60 fps ? and stays at that level with Anti-Aliasing (a ray-tracer is not expecting more than 60 fps.) JulesWorld?s technology also works on Nvidia GeForce 8800 cards and above, but the lack of a tessellation unit causes a bit more work on the ray-tracer side.

A ray-tracer is limited by the amount of local memory on your video card, so if you are able to get a Radeon 4850 or 4870 with 1 GB or even more of on-board memory, you have very capable hardware. JulesWorld?s LightStage technology can take wireframes consisting of an insane 32 million vectors to enable real world characters and their expressions. That means: Extra memory on your graphics card doesn?t hurt.

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