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Radeon HD 4850 reviewed, benchmarked

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Posted June 15, 2008 by admin in News

As you probably already know from the news and leaks around the web, this card is code named “Makedon ” presumably after Terry Makedon who heads up the Catalyst driver team. This is a good omen for having driver support, as it would be a bad move to have a card named for you and have the drivers not work well. So far I have no way of confirming the shader count or rops, tmu’s etc. so that info will be updated as it becomes avaiable…

What’s inside the box, VisionTek doesn’t bundle any games or Benchmark discs nor is there any DVD trial offers like other board partners, What you do get is a clean reference design card without the often tacky stickers of the other makers. which I find to be a better look. they do however include all the connectors you would need like the DVI to HDMI adapter, as well as a component out cable. and the usual DVI to VGA adapter. Also included is the crossfirex interconnect bridge. They also Include a PCI-E power adapter plug for the cards six pin power plug.

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