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AMD’s FireStream 9250 breaks one teraflops

AMD utilized its presence at the International Supercomputing Conference by announcing the new FireStream 9250, which breaks the 1 teraflop-barrier.

Dell release final XP equipped systems

Dell has added to its lineup the final three machines to ship with Windows XP. The Inspiron 530s and 530 desktops, along with the 1520 notebook will be available until June 18th.

3DMark Vantage record busted at Dreamhack

Although he won't hold it for long, German overclocker "no_name" has claimed the 3DMark Vantage record (both Extreme and Performance profiles) at DreamHack...

Yahoo, Google to weld instant messaging features

Yahoo and Google are preparing to take things to the next level, announcing a new "interoperability" between the two giant's instant messaging services.

Todays reviews from the web

The latest reviews from around the web, including the P5Q Deluxe P45 board, Phenom X4 9850, Intel E7200, and many more. Hardware fix ahoy!

PureOC rss feed problem now fixed

In the last few weeks we have experienced intermittent problems with our RSS feeds not parsing correctly. In many programs it prevented them from updating at all. The problem is now fixed!

Another GTX 280 review published, this time deliberate

Some more GTX 280 pre-launch entertainment has emerged over at VR-Zone, where they've now published their preliminary review, which includes nude shots and benchmarks.

LG unveil world’s most eco-friendly 22″ display

LG is the latest panel maker to join the parade of record breaking 22" displays, with its new Flatron W2252TE. The "world's most eco-friendly monitor" consumes around 40W.

GeForce GTX 280 review accidentally published

Despite having been removed from the site, our colleagues at Techpowerup accidentally published their review of the GTX 280 ahead of schedule. The recovered screenshots can be seen here…

Radeon HD 4850 reviewed, benchmarked

If you're after a good read, a member of the XtremeSystems forum has scored his very own HD 4850, and published his thoughts and benchmarks.

Virtual Maestro coming to a concert near you

A custom version of Guitar Hero has been created which allows players to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra with a Wii-mote. It's currently being tested by concert-goers.

GeForce GTX 280 power consumption tested

VR-Zone has run some power consumption tests on a GTX 280, and they found that a single card drew 147W at idle and 292W at peak, while a SLI setup consumed 190W and 508W, respectively.

Asus launch world’s thinnest 22-inch display

Asus has unveiled what it claims to be the "world's slimmest 22-inch widescreen monitor", which has a thickness of just 24.8 millimeters.

Intel’s Q8200 will not hurt AMD, apparently

Following initial talks of a Q8200 from Intel, Beyond3D have an inkling that the new 2.33GHz quad-core chip may be good news for AMD.

OCZ Technology announce Diesel flash drive

Renowned for their memory, OCZ Technology has added a new addition to its flash-drive portfolio, alias the OCZ Diesel. The drive targets the value market.

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