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OCZ’s PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB kit put to the test

VR-Zone has today tested OCZ's PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB series memory. The kit managed to surpass 1200MHz at a voltage of 2.1v - not too shabby.

Microsoft release performance update for Vista

Microsoft has unleashed a performance and reliability update for Vista SP1 users. The update, which is detailed below, is available for download here.

Asus may dispose of optical drive business

According to DigiTimes, Asus' contract with Pioneer - which allows the motherboard giant OEM production of Pioneer's optical disc drives - expires next month, and Asus may dispose of the business.

Seagate roll-out 1TB network attached storage drive

The latest network-attached storage (NAS) device to roll-out from Seagate is the 1TB Maxtor Central Axis, which spins at 7,200rpm and boasts 32MB of cache.

Sony preparing movie downloads for the PS3

While details remain slim, Sony has announced that a new movie download service will be available to US PS3 owners this summer.

AMD’s Fusion to debut in ultra-portable market

AMD's Fusion - which combines both the CPU and GPU onto the one piece of silicon - is looking to make its debut in the ultra-portable market.

Intel not making the move to Windows Vista

Intel has reportedly decided to skip Windows Vista, and let XP remain on the company's 80,000 workstations. This is the first time Intel has bypassed a major Windows OS.

PhysX hacked to work on Radeon HD 3850

Eran Badit of NGOHQ.com appears to have modified both Nvidia's CUDA and PhysX SDK's, and has successfully run PhysX on a Radeon HD 3850. Results are below.

Price cuts hitting Xbox 360 Pro next month

According to an image circulating the web, the Xbox 360 Pro unit is heading for a price cut on July 6th. The reduced price is expected to be $299.

PlayStation 3 GPU to go 65nm come Autumn

The PS3's CPU adopted the smaller 65nm technology some months ago, and according to Next-Gen, it's now the RSX GPU's turn to make the switch.

Crysis Warhead single-player campaign detailed

We've already heard that Warhead will run well on low-end PC's, though we now have some info regarding the single-player campaign to add to the slowly unfolding puzzle.

Twenty minute Far Cry 2 footage emerges

Ubisoft recently showed-off 20 minutes of footage from the forthcoming Far Cry 2. The footage can be accessed over at Shacknews.

AMD revives All-in-Wonder graphics series

AMD has revived its All-in-Wonder lineup by adding a TV tuner to a Radeon HD 3650 and re-branding it the All-in-Wonder HD. We're more interested in the black PCB, to be honest.

Radeon HD 4870 in stock at TigerDirect

With an asking price of $309, online retailer TigerDirect is now listing a total of four HD 4870 models, which are surprisingly all in stock. Newegg are also listing a few models, though stock is quite limited.

Firefox 3.0 downloads surpass 19 million

While the dust settles from its launch day spectacle, Firefox 3.0's download mark has now hit 19.6 million within the first week of availability.

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